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Opening Session

WEDNESDAY 16th NOVEMBER 2016: 15.30-16.45 Hrs. (1.15 Hrs)

Opening Ceremony & Keynote Address

Cultural PA Performance

Report on the Congress Organization

  • Prof. Dr. Udomsil Srisangnam, Chair of the Local Organizing Committee and Co-Chair of the Global Organizing Committee

Opening Speech

  • H.E. Admiral Narong Pipatanasai, Deputy Prime Minister and Chair of the ThaiHealth’s Board of Governance, Thai Health Promotion Foundation 

Welcome Speeches by Co-Sponsor and Co-Hosts

  • Dr. Margaret Chan, Director General, World Health Organization
  • Clinical Prof.Dr. Piyasakol Sakolsatayadorn, Minister of Public Health  Ministry of Public Health, Thailand, or Representative
  • Dr. Supreda adulyanon, CEO, Thai Health Promotion Foundation 
  • Prof. Dr. Fiona Bull, President, International Society for Physical Activity and Health (ISPAH)


Opening Keynote Address: “Global Agenda, Policy and Co-Benefits of PA”


  • Dr. Suwit Wibulpolprasert, Vice Chair of International Health Policy Foundation, Thailand;
  • Dr.Poonam Singh, WHO SEARO  Regional Director
  • Dr.Oleg Chestnov, WHO Assistant Director General – Non-communicable Diseases and Mental Health (NMH)


The opening keynote address aims to discuss the importance and the key success factors in developing an effective PA policy/intervention at the national and the supranational levels. At the national level, the plenary explores the need of inter-sectoral efforts of the government and non-government stakeholders such as the civil society, academia, communities, the private sector and the media to jointly develop a policy/intervention to achieve a high level of acceptance and to enable subsequent effective implementation. At supranational level, the plenary aims to explore the co-benefits of a policy/action on physical activities beyond the health sector, as it is suggested that the true benefits of physical activity policy/intervention (e.g. enabling built environment and active transportation) are much greater than the sum of health benefits alone, as there are clear synergies and measurable joint benefits in sectors such as energy, agriculture, transportation, sustainable development, local tourism and economy, social cohesion, as well as on climate change mitigation. Thus, the plenary may provide a guide on how to frame a national policy or a global action to promote physical activity targeting change and synergies in a number of sectors.

The opening session and welcome reception will include keynote speeches from dynamic leaders (both political and community), experts and advocates.


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