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About Thai Health Promotion Foundation

“We endeavor towards the continuous enhancement of the quality of life and the promotion of health and the wellbeing of Thai people”


img1       Thailand has experienced a long and successful history of health development through efforts addressing the long standing health issues and key health risks, such as alcohol and tobacco consumption.

       Thai Health Promotion Foundation (ThaiHealth), host of 6th ISPAH Congress in partnership with International Society for Physical Activity and Health (ISPAH), was established by the Thai Government as an independent state agency in line with the Health Promotion Act 2001. Governed by an Executive Board that is chaired by the Prime Minister with revenues derived from 2% of surcharged excise tax from the alcohol and tobacco industries annually, ThaiHealth has systematically driven health promotion over the country by means of sustainable financial mechanisms which has marked a milestone of health reform in Thailand. In line with AEC 2015 Health Promotion Policies, one of the key plans of ThaiHealth is to increase physical activity to 80% while reducing obesity rates to less than 10%.

img6       ThaiHealth’s key mandate include addressing the issue of health equality in areas like tobacco control, substance abuse, injury prevention and physical activity through implementation of programmes that enhance social determinants of health. It works with key stakeholders from all sectors that include civil society, academia, public sectors and government agencies, across all levels from the local community to international organizations. Specific population approach programmes include health promotion in children, youth, the elderly, and other vulnerable populations. ThaiHealth also works on health care systems, reorienting health care services to support the health promotion mechanism.

img4       In addition, ThaiHealth aims at expanding the global community on health promotion by sharing its experiences on health promotion while strengthening collaboration by adopting interventions in line with standards, such as the Framework Convention in Tobacco Control (FCTC), through emphasizing public policies, issue-based programme, and holistic approaches. Through the adoption of a monitoring mechanism that includes surveys, and a database, ThaiHealth is able to assess its progression and contribution to society along with its partners.



       For more information about ThaiHealth and its activities please click here (www.thaihealth.or.th ).



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