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About 6th ISPAH Congress

       The ISPAH International Congress on Physical Activity and Public Health is one of the key global forums on physical activity and public health. Originally conceived in Atlanta in 2006, the ISPAH Congress has played a crucial role in building commitment and network in advancing a global call for enhancing physical activity across various life spectrums. This includes sport, transport, health, environment, education, culture and economy. Every two years the congress brings together delegates from around the world while providing a platform for key stakeholders to engage in dialogues on major issues affecting the progress of global physical activity levels.

       From Atlanta (2006) to Amsterdam (2008), Toronto (2010), Sydney (2012), and Rio de Janeiro (2014), Bangkok (Thailand) will now host the 6th ISPAH International Congress on Physical Activity and Public Health 2016 (6th ISPAH 2016), on 16-19 November, 2016. 6th ISPAH marks key milestone in bringing the Congress to Asia for the first time. The Congress will be held at Queen Sirikit Naitonal Convention Centre under the theme “Active Living for ALL: Active People- Active Place- Active Policy”.

       Oral and Poster sessions, Symposiums, Workshops, and Plenary sessions will underscore the effort for transforming attitudes, behaviours, and national agenda while accelerating participatory involvement for greater political and social commitment to advocate for health and augmented physical activity for all. This effort can be realized through sharing of innovative evidence-based knowledge and practices.

       The congress expects to attract around 1200 delegates from different regions of the world including health care professionals, public policy leaders, community advocates, activists, researchers, scientists, journalists, governments, as well as national and international civil society organizations.


       The Congress main theme “Active Living for ALL: Active People- Active Place-Active Policy” reflects the key goal of 6th ISPAH 2016. This key goal encompasses generating equal and sustained opportunity for a healthier lifestyle through nouveau physical activity programmes and national policy alignment for every citizen regardless of age, gender, race, religion, color, disability, or sexual orientation.


       To realize its goal, the 6th ISPAH 2016 hopes to achieve the following key measurable objectives:

  • Advance understanding in physical activity epidemiology and health benefits across a life course, and in different settings through evidence-based knowledge and practice.
  • Generate innovative programmes for transforming behaviours towards a healthier lifestyle.
  • Promote and sustain physical activity in special populations.
  • Generate enabling environments and infrastructures to promote the hybrid life that enhances healthy outdoor physical activity on-the-go.
  • National policy alignment for equal and economically sustainable active living for all.



       Dr. Udomsil Srisangnam, Thailand
       Dr. Trevor Shilton, Australia

       Prof. Dr. Fiona Bull (GSC Co-Chair)
       Assoc. Prof. Dr. Wilasinee Adulyanon (GSC Co-Chair)
       Ms. Tananart Lorthong (LOC Vice-Chair)


       Dr. Thongchai Panswad, Thailand
       Dr. Supreda Adulyanon, Thailand

       Prof. Dr. Fiona Bull, Australia
       Assoc. Prof. Dr. WilasineeAdulyanon, Thailand

       Prof. Dr. James F. Sallis, USA
       Dr. Kasem Nakornkhet, Thailand
       Dr. Michael Pratt, USA
       Dr. Vijit Kanungsukkasem, Thailand
       Dr. Shifalika Goenka, India
       Dr. Thaksaphon Thamarangsi, Thailand
       Dr. Robert Sloan, USA
       Dr. Nicolas Aguilar-Farias, Chile

       Dr. Karen Milton, Australia
       Ms. Areekul Puangsuwan, Thailand


       Prof. Emer. Dr. Somsri Pausawasdi
       Prof. Emer. Dr. Chanika Toojinda

       Prof. Dr. Udomsil Srisangnam

       Ms. Tananart Lorthong

       Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pandya Khaimook
       Assoc. Prof. Dr. Wilasinee Adulyanon
       Director-General, Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health, Thailand
       Deputy Governor of Bangkok
       Mr. Narong Tiemmek

       Ms. Sirisaranya Pakninrat, Congress Manager
       Ms. Chawewan Yenjitr, Finance and Administrative Coordinator
       Ms. Orana Chandrasiri, International Relations Officer
       Mr. Cassidi Kunvipusikul, Local Organizing Committee Assistant


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